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Viridal Duo®(alprostadil): Choose efficacy1

Viridal Duo provides your patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) with an alternative option when phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors have failed1. Combined with access to UCBCares, your patients can be given ongoing support once initiated on Viridal Duo.

For patients that do not respond to PDE5 inhibitors, intracavernous alprostadil (such as Viridal Duo) is an effective next step1.

When pills and creams aren't effective, intracavernous alprostadil can offer male patients an alternative solution with proven results and a response rate of over 70%1.

Around 30% of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) don’t respond to treatment with PDE5 inhibitors2.

It is important to talk openly about ED, as it’s a good indicator of men’s health.
ED has been shown to be linked to3:

Treatment options

Having considered lifestyle changes, education and counselling, many patients with ED respond successfully to medical treatment. Treating ED usually starts with oral PDE5 inhibitors, unless contraindicated4.

But 30-35% of men with ED fail to respond to treatment with PDE5 inhibitors - and some patients can’t take them at all2,4. So what’s next?

Alternative options that are usually recommended include1:

For men who fail to respond to PDE5 inhibitor therapy, treatment with self-administered intracavernous injections can have a high success rate of 85%1.

The most frequent adverse effects following an intracavernous injection is pain in the penis, which is associated with 11% of injections administered. In most cases this pain is assessed as mild or moderate. Please see Viridal Duo's Summary of Product Characteristics for further details on its safety profile and contraindications5.

Viridal Duo

Intracavernous alprostadil, such as Viridal Duo, is effective for more than 70% of general ED patients, and also for patients with existing health problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease1.

Patients reported sexual activity after 94% of the injections. Satisfaction rates were over 87% in patients and more than 86% in partners1.

A: Reusable Applicator
B: Dual Chamber Catridges

Viridal Duo is an intracavernous alprostadil injection prescribed to adult males for the treatment of erectile dysfunction5.

It is effective when oral treatment with PDE5 inhibitors fails and it may avoid the need for surgical intervention1,5.

Full evaluation and diagnosis is undertaken by the patients’ care team, who provide initial guidance and determine the individual’s dose. It is important that patients follow the advice and instructions given to them by their healthcare professional, and ongoing support is available from UCB via UCBCares.

Do you know that Viridal Duo is the only 40 μg/ml alprostadil dual chamber product available?

The Viridal dual chamber cartridge formulation was developed specifically for patient self-administration. This means when patients are being titrated to an effective dose, they are using the same method for 10, 20 or 40 µg/ml presentations.

Alternative alprostadil dual chamber products are not available in 40 µg/ml versions. Patients requiring this dose need be able to mix an individual diluent into a powder containing vial, moving away from the convenience of the dual chamber presentation.

Viridal Duo is available in 10 µg/ml, 20 µg/ml, 40 µg/ml dual chamber presentations5.

How to use Viridal Duo

Supporting Patient Outcomes

In order to support discussions with your patients, and ongoing care, there are several support items available.


These include:

  • Training guide for use with your patients
  • Patient diary
  • Patient user guide

UCBCares is a dedicated service providing support to patients and healthcare professionals throughout the treatment journey. UCBCares can be contacted at or +44 (0)1753 777100.