This podcast was organised and funded by Sanofi UK

The Look, See, Differentiate:

Lysosomal Storage Disorders podcast series

This podcast series is intended for healthcare professionals in the UK and Ireland. It explores the diagnostic pathway for patients with lysosomal storage disorders. Across the two series, experts will discuss the signs, symptoms and differential diagnosis of Gaucher disease and share the common obstacles which can lead to delayed or misdiagnosis. This podcast series has been developed and funded by Sanofi. The experts featured in each episode were paid an honorarium by Sanofi for their participation.

MAT-XU-2204836 (V1.0) | Date of preparation: November 2022

Gaucher Disease Speaker Introduction

Professor Atul Mehta



Professor Atul Mehta was Consultant Haematologist and Professor of Haematology at the Royal Free London and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts.

He ran the general laboratory haematology diagnostic service at the Royal Free Hospital until his retirement in January 2019. Professor Mehta was also the Founder and Director of the Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) Centre at the Royal Free Hospital, which grew to be the largest centre in the UK and one of the foremost clinical academic centres for LSDs in the world.

He now works in private practice, charitable, educational and research roles, including consultancy.

Dr Richard Soutar


The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow

Dr Richard Soutar is Consultant in Haematology and Transfusion Medicine at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service. He is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and has interests in multiple myeloma, related plasma cell dyscrasias, hospital-based transfusion medicine and general haematology including Gaucher disease.

Episode 1

LOOK: Signs and symptoms of Gaucher disease

What are the main signs and symptoms of Gaucher disease, and why is it so important that haematologists are aware of these symptoms? Tune in to hear more, as we take you on a journey using case-based discussion, to explore the haematological-specific flags seen in patients with Gaucher disease.

Date of preparation: August 2021


Episode 2

SEE: Gaucher disease diagnostic pathway: the right referral and timely tests

Right place, Right time. Tune in to hear about the importance of patients ‘SEE’ing the right specialists at the right time, and uncover the significant role of the haematologist in performing the key clinical tests to diagnose Gaucher disease.

Date of preparation: August 2021


Episode 3

DIFFERENTIATE: Differential diagnosis of Gaucher disease

How do we know it’s Gaucher disease? Tune in as we discuss how to ‘DIFFERENTIATE’ Gaucher disease from similar diseases. This podcast explores common misdiagnoses, the importance of biochemistry in diagnosis, and initiatives that can help non‐specialists identify ‘at‐risk’ patients.

Date of preparation: August 2021