Rosacea: Beyond the visible

Join the conversation on rosacea burden.

We have looked into how far the burden of rosacea really extends

A survey of 710 people with rosacea and 554 doctors has revealed valuable insights on the invisible impact of a visible disease for the patients and the community. It is time to fight back against stereotypes and talk openly about rosacea burden.
It’s time to start talking about the burden of rosacea
Bring the conversation out into the open

Biography of authors

  • Dr. Jerry Tan

    Adjunct Professor,
    Western University, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Steinhoff

    Chairman, Dept. of Dermatology, Director, Translational Research Institute, Hamad Medical Corporation, Weill Cornell University Qatar, Qatar University, Qatar

  • Dr. Anthony Bewley

    Consultant Dermatologist,Barts Health, and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary College of Medicine, University of London, London, UK

  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Gieler

    Dept. of Dermatology and Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, Germany